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Tiamoyo=TEE-ah MOY-oh:  Swahili=to encourage; from the heart
...if it is encouraging, let him encourage...Romans 12: 8


Healthy Lifestyle Advocate/Speaker

Dr. Cheston motivates audiences to make healthy lifestyle choices in order to successfully manage obesity, that is to lose weight and avoid regaining the lost weight. 

Dr. Cheston's personal experience with successful Obesity Management has persuaded her to become an eager, tireless advocate, using her candidness to encourage people to make healthy lifestyle choices. Her mission is to bring about an awareness of Obesity Management as a life-long pursuit, as opposed to focusing on short-term weight-loss goals. 


Dr. Cheston's Personal Obesity Management Journey

"I really believe that if I did this, anyone can do this."

During a period of 9 months, from June 2015 to March 2016, I lost over 60 pounds by eating reasonable amounts of healthy food and walking at least 30 minutes a day, but usually walking more than 30 minutes daily.

After having three of my doctors tell me to lose weight, I used the Center For Disease Control website for guidance.  The Cleveland Clinic website and the Mayo Clinic website were helpful as well. 

As a result of adopting a Healthy Lifestyle, my blood pressure readings are now at healthy levels, thus I was able to avoid having to take medication for hypertension.  Also, my backache went away with the lost weight.  I feel like a different person.    

Center For Disease Control Link to information regarding Obesity


Topics discussed include:
1.  Overweight and Obesity Data and Statistics
2.  Nutrition
3.  Physical Activity
...and much more

I choose to view my journey as an Obesity Management Journey as opposed to a weight-loss adventure because I have adopted and incorporated my new eating habits and daily exercise as a long-term, permanent way of life.

Without the assistance of weight-loss surgery, medication, or even a gym membership, as much of the walking is done in my house, I was able to lose over 60 pounds, eat healthy portions, and exercise.  No monetary investment was made to successfully lose the weight, with the exception of having to purchase smaller clothing because my old clothing is now too large.  I hung on to a few sweaters. 

Current Photos and More Information coming soon..............

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